Clear, helpful, and persuasive 


Just because you’re writing a payment reminder or claims notice doesn’t mean there’s no place for persuasion. You want people to pay on time. You want people to read and understand their insurance cover.  You need copy that’s not only clear and engaging, but also effective.


You can have all three


At Friendly, our writers are experienced industry professionals. They understand the timeless motivations that influence human behaviour. And they apply them in their writing to give our clients a consistently better result from their customer communications.




Lower service costs

More profitable customers

Faster payments

Higher advocacy scores

Friendly copy  =


A cure for antiquated obfuscation    

When they speak to customers, your call centre people are engaging and helpful. Then they write an email confirming the details of their chat. Suddenly, that likeable call centre person turns into a stuffy bureaucrat. Words and phrases they’d never use in conversation come tumbling out like dusty artefacts from a bygone era.


The POWER to write as they speak


Our POWER writing workshops have helped over three and a half thousand people to shed outdated literary conventions and write as they speak: clearly, simply and helpfully.

Better service experiences

More compliant customers

Lower service costs

Empowered service staff

Friendly training  =



More than words

Making claims easier for health fund members. Designing better on boarding strategies for online motor traders. Helping investment banks find a human tone of voice. Turning impersonal information into into compelling personalised video. 

Making better possible

Friendly can improve the way you communicate throughout your organisation. And our experience running enterprise-wide correspondence projects turns seemingly impossible tasks into enriching achievements. 

Friendly consulting  =

 Consistent experiences

 Easier customer journeys

 Friction-free service

 Deeply embedded customers

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