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Clear, helpful and persuasive 


Just because you’re writing a payment reminder or claims notice doesn’t mean there’s no place for persuasion. You want people to pay on time. You want people to read and understand their insurance cover.  You need copy that’s not only clear and engaging, but also effective.


You can have all three


Our writers are talented and experienced industry professionals. They understand the timeless motivations that influence human behaviour. And they apply them in their writing to give our clients a consistently better result from their customer communications.

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Endorsed by the Customer Service Institute of Australia    

When they speak to customers, your service staff are engaging and helpful. Then they write an email confirming the details of their chat. Suddenly, that likeable call centre person turns into a stuffy bureaucrat. Words and phrases they’d never use in conversation come tumbling out like dusty artefacts from a bygone era.


The POWER to write as they speak


Our POWER writing workshops have helped over four thousand people to shed outdated literary conventions and write as they speak: clearly, simply and helpfully. Our training content is now endorsed by the Customer Service Institute of Australia as their Written Service Excellence course, which we deliver in public or bespoke workshops.  

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Correspondence transformation - from liability to asset 

Rationalising thousands of customer correspondence templates. Identifying messages with the biggest influence on customer experience and operational efficiency. Rewriting hundreds of emails, letters and documents to align with brand values and objectives. In 2005 we were the first to identify this area as a major influence on advocacy and profitability. Our proven methodology and experience in managing correspondence transformation projects will turn your business's biggest liability into an asset. 

Brand voice  

The way you sound when you write speaks volumes about your personality and values. We help our clients define their brand voice and then clearly articulate it in guidelines that your service writers can easily put into practice.

Personalised video  

Want to turn everyday customer correspondence into compelling content?  Simple. Make the message a video. Then give each customer a starring role. That’s personalised video – a format that’s breaking sales, retention and compliance records in every category. Test it against worn out communications channels and see what happens when you put your customers at the heart of your story.


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