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Personalised video is the message customers can't ignore. They open, watch and respond in record numbers. Perfect for on-boarding, renewals and statements, personalised video takes customer engagement to the next level, delivering memorable and measurable customer experiences via sms, email or MMS. And for as little as 60 cents per customer.

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Q. How do you create personalised videos?

A. Our personalised video solution is a collaboration between Friendly and mobile technology specialists with over 10 years’ experience in delivering personalised communications. The service unites data, direct response expertise and mobile-optimised technology to deliver personalised video by SMS, email or MMS.

Q. Where does it fit with other communications?

A: Personalised video can work on its own or as part of an integrated communications plan.  For example, a health insurance client has an onboarding process that includes email and mail communications. These are supported by personalised video (sent by SMS) to confirm membership details and reinforce the benefits of membership.

Q. How soon will I get results?

A. We'll give you access to a personalised campaign dashboard that lets you view the performance of all your videos. You’ll be able to get real-time feedback on open rates, views, average watch time, click-throughs and the device used. 

Q. How quickly will the video load?

A. The compression technology used in our video production means it loads immediately without buffering. And because the video is compressed to a tiny file, your recipients won’t incur any additional data costs.

Q. What’s your capacity?

A.  Our composition engine, which combines the video template with the data, can produce 300,000 videos an hour.

​Q. What if I don’t have my customer’s mobile number?

A. You can default to their email address. And vice versa.

Q. How safe will my data be?

A.  Our personalised video operates in the cloud on the Amazon Web Services platform in Australia – as used by Xero and Atlassian. It is subject to military and government grade penetration testing. Before sending, messages are thoroughly tested to ensure the accuracy of data files and email platform compatibility. And all data is encrypted for absolute security.

Q. How long does it take to get a message out?

A. From brief to delivery, as little as three weeks. Five or six weeks is the usual.

Q.  Does personalised video work?

A. There is plenty of evidence to support its effectiveness:

  • Simply including the wording ‘your personalised video’ in an email subject line can lift open rates by up to 50% 

  • Personalised video has been shown to quadruple click through rates 

  • Watch rates are 3.5 times longer than generic videos sent by email, ensuring important information is absorbed and understood.

  • Typically, 90% of people watch the whole video, with at least 25% of these watching it more than once

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